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Growth Strategy

The Growth strategy looks at options with both cashflow and equity growth opportunities. This is the best place to start or expand your portfolio.

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SMSF Stratgey

Looking to purchase property in your own SMSF. We can help you find a great property and look after all the tricky parts of finance and research.

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First Home Owners

Looking to buy your first home and want to make sure you get access to the Great Start Grant and have a great place to live. This is where you start.

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New Zealand Solutions

NZ property prices have sky rocketed pricing investors out of the market. We help kiwi’s find competitive investments & look after the finance hurdles.

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How WE Investing has Helped Countless Clients
One third of Australian Pensioners live in poverty. Don't be one of them.

In 2002 East Coast Projects started by Kevin Wooster was the entity that serviced clients from all backgrounds from direct home buyers to investors across the east coast of Australia. Through his time running East Coast Projects Kevin built experience around building quality investment properties and saw a great opportunity to service investment clients. With countless years in the building and real estate industry Kevin has seen it all and through experience knows what makes a great investment property. Over a few years the business went from being a small project builder to an advisory service for investors. As the business and it’s operations expanded over to Perth WE Investing was born.

Today WE Investing is a professional property investment service provider committed to the provision of ethical practices in an effort to help 1st time, intermediate and advanced investors find the best property investments on the market today. We help our clients to source, finance, settle and manage their investments. WE Investing works with all the licensed professionals from financial planners and accountants to property management specialists and quantity surveyors.

Over the past 12 years WE Investing has helped countless clients with their property investments by helping them to grow a portfolio that will assist them in living a debt free and financially secure retirement. Because of WE Investing’s history in the building industry we can now identify the best possible properties for clients but are not limited to the use of one builder or developer. Instead WE Investing has access to property investment opportunities all around Australia having built many developer and builder relationships. Their in house research team ensures they identify the best possible locations and property investments available.

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OUR Management TEAM

We're passionate about our clients and their success

Kevin Wooster

Managing Director
Property is what I understand, experienced in industrial and commercial real estate. Owning a real estate business and joint owner in a design and building firm. For 16 years I have been a property investment adviser fitting each client with the very best options in the market.

Dylan Wooster

Operations Manager
I love the figures. I have a background in Data Analysis, Information Systems and Marketing. I achieved my qualifications at SCU in Australia and the University of Hertfordshire in England. As the Operations Manager I work with all of our affiliates to prepare your investment for success.

Kirsten Vizaniari

Customer Services Manager
With 8 years administration and customer service experience in property investment, I am a proud member of the WE Investing team. My effective communication skills allow me to deliver a successful outcome for both customer and company.

Lauren Colgan

Client Manager New Zealand
For the last three years I have partnered with my clients to create further wealth through property investment, building a network of clients and professional partners throughout New Zealand along the way.

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